Hi, I'm

Ben Sooter

Entrepreneur, developer, and enthusiest of all things tech and business

  1. The Junction Internet

    Chief Information Officer

    • Increased company efficiency through data gathering coupled with tangible, metric-based goals
    • Created employee management system and dashboard that is now used daily across the company
    • Integrated key service with Slack, Basecamp, and our custom dashboard for more centralized access
  2. The Junction Internet

    Systems Engineer

    • Rewrote company website in Svelte
    • Created a company api server using Flask with Python
    • Deployed and maintained PostgreSQL database and maintained an existing SQL Server
  3. BRR Architecture

    Project Manager/Estimator

    • Oversaw the design and implementation of over 200 special projects for large clients
    • Continued to provide construction estimates for various clients
    • Coordinated with the permitting team and local code officials to maintain compliance across projects
  4. BRR Architecture


    • Reverse engineered and maintained large spreadsheets used in construction cost estimation
    • Assisted with drafting construction documents
    • Reviewed change initiatives (CIs) to determine their monetary impact
  5. 28 Springs


    • Waited on many guests simultaneously in a very fast paced restauraunt environment
    • Coordinated private events with with front and back of house
    • Developed a curiosity for different cuisines and learned all I could on each dish we served

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